Playlist My House Classic Tracks par Mister Wallace (la suite)

Mister Wallace nous présente la suite de sa sélection de titres House Classic :

21-Mood II Swing “Do it your way”
22-Trentemoller “Le champagne”
23-Davina “Don’t you want it””
24-Knee Deep & Dj Spen “Gotta have house”
25-Voices Of Freedom “Freedom” (Bass it up)
26-Johnny L “This time” (Carl Craig mix)
27-Brooklin Friends “Philadelphia”
28-Kerri Chandler “The athmosphear beat” / “Inspiration” / “Bar à thym”
29-Aquabassino “Baby c’mon” / “Time to go” / “Welcome home” / “Wanna dance”
30-Moodyman “M.E.A.N.D.J.B”
31-Yellow Sox “Flim flam”
32-Toll Free Project Vol.3 “In life”
33-Underground Resistance “Hi tech jazz”
34-Rima “Markus planet”
35-Norma Jean Bell “I like the things you do” (Moodyman mix)
36-1080 West “Count on me” (Sweet Abraham’s deep dub mix)
37-Soul Vision “Don’t stop”
38-Lucho “Symbols of life”
39-Roger S “The groove”
40-Isolée “Beau mot plage” (Freeform Part I & II)